Visioconférence 2021


Israeli-Palestinian Cooperation with Moshe Lev-Ran

Preventing Floods with Dr. Yaakov Anker

13 October 2021
Zoom Conference 7.00PM

Israeli-Palestinian Cooperation: There are 14 industrial zones in Judea & Samaria where thousands of Palestinians and Israelis work together for the past 30 years.

Preventing Floods: Past, Present and Future trends in runoff management A review how runoff management was applied in ancient times, what is neglected in modern drainage planning and what we can learn from the old and partly forgotten strategies for a better and sustainable future runoff management.

Key Speakers:

Moshe Lev-Ran, International Marketing Manager, Island of Peace, Israel.

Dr Yaakov Anker, Ph.D. in Geophysics, Environmental Research Coordinator, Eastern R&D Center Chemical Engineering, Ariel University, Israel.

Coordinator: Annaëlle Arki

Conference Interpreter: Nina Moldauer

Translator: Noe Garrigos